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Foxing Book Club Pre-Order

Foxing Book Club Pre-Order

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1 lb


How it works:

Foxing Books Club selects a book to read in a month and organizes an in-person Battle of the Book Clubs Trivia. The Book for July 2023 will be delivered June 1st

With the Foxing Books Club, you get to delve deep into the themes, characters, and storylines of your favorite books, sharing your unique perspective with others. So why not join the fun today and become a part of this vibrant community of book lovers!?


Battle of the Book Clubs Trivia will be Saturday July 8th @6:30PM

Trivia Rules:

  • Non-book club subscribers can participate.
  • Limit team size to 6.
  • First-place and Second-place winners - Each team member can select a free book from the Foxing Books truck.