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Miss America Kissed Caleb (Kentucky Voices)

Miss America Kissed Caleb (Kentucky Voices)

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Publication Date: April 2nd, 2005
University Press of Kentucky
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" Click here to read a chapter from the book The mountain is a lonely place. Welcome to Sourwood, a small Kentucky town inhabited by men and women unique and yet eerily familiar. Among its joyful and tragic citizens we meet the crafty, spirited Caleb and his curious younger brother; Pearl, a suspected witch, and her sheltered daughter, Thanie; superstitious Eli; and the doomed orphan Girty. In Sourwood, the mountain is both a keeper of secrets and an imposing, isolating presence, shaping the liv.

About the Author

Billy C. Clark is the award-winning author of thirteen books and countless short stories and poems. His stories have appeared in Best American Short Stories and numerous other anthologies.